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We Carry Duobolic Supplements

  1. Atomic PreWorkout
  2. Fuel BCAA + Glutamine
  3. Vegan Beast Protein Powder
  4. Beast with Enzymes Protein Powder
  5. Shred Thermogenic Fat Burner
  6. Turmeric Platinum
  7. Multi Vitamins

Introducing Vegan Beast Protein Powder

Duobolic Vegan Beast is a premium protein blend of quinoa, brown rice, and pea isolate. The three sourced protein blend is high in fiber - perfect for weight management. It is gluten and lactose free, and contains no artificial flavors or colors. Each serving contains 20g of protein.*

When it comes to bath and body care we believe less is more. 

Graela soap bars are crafted from a premium blend of olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, and mango butter. A good quality soap takes time -  it is dried, aged, and triple-milled with essential oils and other ingredients, before crafting and stamping each individual bar.

Choose unscented, or any of the refreshing scents for your skin.

We carry natural products, that is great for one's health and wellbeing

We source our products from around the world

We meticulously review every product we carry nad only carry the brands we trust

Got questions? We are ready to assist. We stand by our service and the products we carry

We love working with these guys!

We have launched our supplement brand a year ago. We are ecstatic to be working with MV Retail Store in carrying our product line. So far we have a few of our high selling items carried by them, and hopefully plan to bring in our full product line in the near future.

- Francis, Duobolic Athletic Brand

Garden State Wick is a New Jersey based company that specializes in hand-poured, soy based candles.